Natural Lapis Lazuli Hoops
Natural Lapis Lazuli Hoops

Natural Lapis Lazuli Hoops

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 Since man's history began , Lapis Lazuli has been highly sought after. The intense blue of night skies, symbolic of royalty , power , vision, wisdom and truth.

 Polished smooth and pleasing to look at , a sure conversation starter.

Each piece, carefully wire-wrapped and securely fashioned into a pretty piece of wearable art.

This pair is wire-wrapped using gold and silver, plated copper , with anti-tarnish features .

The wires are also coated with a clear finish to protect sensitive ears.

These can be made using 9kt Gold and Sterling Silver wire at an additional charge. Do message me if this is what you would like to order.

Due to the different shapes and sizes of these gemstone pieces, the pair that you receive may vary very slightly in shade and shape.The difference will be very slight.