Natural Amethyst Hoops
Natural Amethyst Hoops

Natural Amethyst Hoops

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These beautiful boho styled hoops in all its natural state is one for the Amethyst lover.

Amethyst , colors of lilac and mauve and all shades in the purple family , represents meanings of extravagance, peace, dignity and independence . If you find yourself drawn to the color purple , then your ambition will take you to soaring heights .

Wear it aside your cheeks and hold it against your skin to feel its cool energy.

These natural Amethyst chips , semiprecious gems , are tumbled dry , giving a shiny finish that it smooth to the touch. Wire-wrapped using both gold and silver , copper plated jewelry wire to match both your gold and silver /white gold jewelry. 

These can be made using 9kt Gold and Sterling Silver wire at an additional charge. Do message me if this is what you would like to order.

Due to the different shapes and sizes of these gemstone pieces, the pair that you receive may vary very slightly in shade and shape.The difference will be very slight.