You are who you are no matter where you are

Hi !My name is Sonia. And I am a creator of things. Sounds grand ,doesn't it ? Well, that's what I do . I design, implement and create. .My main passion is creating jewelry, using the age old technique of wirewrapping . My other passions are ...well, let's keep that for another day.

I'm sure many of you crafters out there started off somewhat like me accident. Yes , it was totally unintentional. But, almost nine years now and I still love every bit of it.

So, how did it all happen ?I have proudly told this story many a times and I will proudly tell it again. :)So here it is .My sister was getting married to a wonderful man and being the creative spirit that I am , I wanted to make her something special for the wedding.  I decided on a pair of shoes. Well, I didn't actually make the shoes, but instead I purchased a pretty pair of silver sandals and I embellished it with Swarovski beads. It looked beautiful and she loved it. She wore it on her wedding day and it was fit for the beautiful princess that she is .

So, I now had these beads and tools in my hands , whatever that was left from after finishing the project and I just thought why not make something else out of these beads. And I started making earrings. To my pleasant surprise , I was offered to have them purchased by a friend and that is how it all began. Totally unintentional and Styles of Sonia was created. A brand of products by yours truly.

A few years later my second child was born.And so I had to pack up all my beads , wires and what nots,and clear my workspace to have it relocated to another room as the current workspace was in a spare room . This spare room was to be turned into the new baby's room.( Can you believe , five years later and this little boy still co-sleeps ? Haha !). 

With a new love in my arms , and a cesarean wound to heal , I had this big plan to take many months off and do nothing unrelated to the two of us. It was going to be just mummy and baby. Do you know how long I waited till I started creating again? TWO WEEKS !! I felt "creation withdrawal". My hands were missing that feeling of security from holding my pliers. It was weird. I was irritated and agitated and wanted to start unpacking everything. And unpacking was what I did.

Juggling a new baby , and continuing with my business was hard. Hard because there were so many opportunities missed. I had to wait till the time was right ,till my little one had grown up a little in order for me to be able to take part in craft fairs , or attend conferences etc.But I continued on the best way I knew how, slowly and steadily.

Another baby later ,in a new country altogether and I am still doing what I love.

You are who you are no matter where you are.And I am a creator of things.

This 2018 is going to be amazing!

 I will be sharing my personal experiences , from setting up a business in a new country to new projects, new ideas and new collaborations,new partnerships and new friends. It would be amazing if you could stay in touch with me.

Thank you for reading and will see you soon .

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