Why I decided to do Giveaways on Social Media

As an artist / creator/ crafter, my pieces are made through a drive that burns within me. Tie my hands up and take away my ability to create and I will literally wither away. A colorless world brings on a gray soul. I breathe, think, sleep ideas, shapes and colors. Like someone who craves a great workout for the body , my mind and hands crave to create. It’s my adrenaline. The results are almost immediate visual and personal accomplishment.

Creating, as a creative process, for me, brings on a feeling of happiness, relaxation and gratitude. The moment my hands begin creating, an invisible bubble of positivity surrounds me and the longer I remain in this state, the larger the bubble grows, encompassing everything within its perimeter. It is powerful. And this beautiful energy gets infused in my creations. And to me, that is priceless.

So, if my creations are priceless to me, why give them away, you ask?

A few years ago, I had decided, and publicly declared, that I will not be resorting to giveaways anymore, simply because I felt uncomfortable giving away my precious creations at no cost. I felt like it was not appreciated for what it was worth. And I left it at that.

Years later, my perception changed. It was just before Christmas 2017, and I grew into the belief that all things beautiful should be shared .And this quote from Winston Churchill resonated with me. “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life with what we give”. The spirit of giving took over, and I wanted to gift a few people some of my creations. And so I sent some out to women I have been admiring. And I pursued to collaborate with other creatives who wanted to organize social media giveaways.

Let me tell you, and I am almost positive that other creatives feel this way too, parting with a creation is truly hard. Whether it has been sold or given, saying goodbye is hard. Why? Because, you have invested in it. And since it is hard, deciding to let go has given it an even higher value. So, it is not that I have undervalued my creations by giving them away, I have just , on top of all the positivity already in it , given it the essence of generosity. I did not expect anything back. Not a post, not a share, not a thank you even .Nothing.

 A fellow artist once told me that it does not matter what others see in your work, you can try and explain its beauty to them, and some will see it, some won’t. That is absolutely okay. You are letting this beautiful piece, positivism infused, out into the world, to a total stranger or not, and you are not expecting anything back. But I got to tell you, the unexpected was a pleasant surprise. Thank you posts and shares were sent, the feedback on my pieces were so utterly gratifying. And for this, I thank you, lovely ladies.

Of course, giving away everything I create would be an amazing thing, but I would not be able to make a living. So since I do need to also put food on the table, my other option is to give back to the world through my sales. Hence, the one item purchase for one tree planted movement. I was unknowingly encouraged by a dear fellow artist, Meri of Gardens of the Sun and for this, I thank her. She has a beautiful soul and creates beautiful pieces to match. Please do yourself a favor and visit her website , you will know what I mean.

So, in conclusion, if you ever feel the urge to give, be it via your service, monetarily, through your creative pieces, give it a try without expectations and carry on as you would normally do. You may be pleasantly surprised with how good it makes you feel in the end .


Currently running a giveaway which ends in 3 days on Instagram .If you would like to participate , please visit me @stylesofsonia 

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