Giveaways- From a participant's point of view

After hosting a few social media giveaways these past four months, I wanted to hear from the side of the participants, and how they view the brands of which they are competing to win.

If you are a brand ,thinking about hosting an online giveaway or a social media follower who always shies away from taking part , I hope you enjoy this read and that it gives you some form of encouragement.

Here's what these lovely ladies had to say  ( Some names have been changed to protect their privacy)

Gayle says:

  1. How did you come across my giveaways? I think someone tagged me in the competition that you were holding jointly with kccmdesign  
  1. How many from my four Giveaways since last November 2017 have you taken part in? I think the last giveaway that you held (that I was lucky enough to win) was the 2nd one I'd entered.   I know I had seen your earrings previously but can't remember where I first saw them.  Probably it was the previous comp
  1. Why did you take part in these giveaways involving my creations?I entered because I loved your earrings and also the cushion cover from kccmdesign ... both prizes are gorgeous!
  2. Do you feel that the items in Giveaways, are of less value than items sold? No.   I think the items in your giveaway and in most that I have entered are always of the same value as the ones sold by the company/people running them.
  3. How often do you generally take part in Giveaways?I enter lots of Giveaways ... but ... only if I personally want the prize ... I don't just enter giveaways automatically only if they have a prize or prizes that I love.  Otherwise I leave them for someone who really wants what's on offer to win.  I do know of lots of people who just enter "any and everything" and then either give as gifts or sell if they don't want the prize themselves.  But that's not me 😃
  4. Would you purchase other items from the brands offering giveaways? I most certainly would purchase more items from the giveaway site if I loved the item and could afford extra and/or needed it.  
  5. Would you unfollow the social media accounts required to be followed, after the end of the giveaway? Yes and No for this one ... I understand that Instagram doesn't like an account following more than 7,000 accounts ... I am currently following about 6,200 so I do have to watch which ones I follow.  Sometimes giveaways are jointly sponsored by lots of accounts ... I've entered some comps where you have to follow about 30 accounts!   I don't really like those and often do unfollow some of the accounts after the competition in those instances.   
  6. Do you have any advice or tips for those who wish to take part in social media giveaways?My tip for giveaways is never give up!   If you don't win don't be disheartened or offended ... if you’re meant to you will.    Just keep entering the ones you want to and you will get lucky and it's the best feeling when you get notified that you've won something lovely!   I love competitions and think it's a great way for people to get followers and get their accounts noticed quicker.   


Jan says:

  1.  I was first tagged by a friend in one of your comps (this is how most of us find accounts like yours Sonia).  I was so impressed by the colours you use its eye catching.  
  1.  I think about two and a good friend has won.  My friend Gayle @petals.and.paws often tags me in comps.  Through IG I've met Gayle and have visited her in Melbourne when we're there.  All of our friendships are wonderful in IG because we're like minded people (we follow people with similar interests).  Age doesn't matter have lots of friends who are much younger than I am.  Have a group of friends in Sydney and Gold Coast who I've also met.   
  1.  Because of the colour of your creations I'm so impressed by them.   
  1. Some accounts have cheaper items as their prizes but most are very generous and want their goods publicised.  I always take a pic of my prize and post them on my account.  I often keep showing myself using or wearing the items in pics on my account.   
  1.  Usually see comps in accounts that I follow or have been tagged by friends.  I'm retired and live with my husband so don't have children to care for or have to go off to work.  I retired at 65 after working full time most of my life other than when children were born.  I worked when most of my friends were stay-at-home Mum's.   
  1.  Yes I would Sonia if I have tried them and are really impressed with the product.  Eg I shared some beautiful face cream with my sister and we love it and will be buying more in the future.  You do take a chance buying things on line.  Sometimes they are so different when you receive the parcel.  My local courier and I are quite good friends now as I'm an online shopper these days.  Especially good for gifts because our family is spread around Australia and you can have them gift wrapped and sent directly to them usually very quickly.   
  1.  I don't usually unfollow accounts but as I have around 6500 I'll have to do a cull very soon but am loath to do so.  I notice that people often follow but then each day there might be one or two that unfollow.  Don't know who they are but that's ok.  I have over 1620 followers at the moment.  I feel that the people that unfollow are probably businesses and when they see I don't visit their account try for someone else!  These days I really have to search for businesses that I love.  Have a big group of friends that I follow every day. 
  1.  Yes only go in comps that you're really interested in and give other people a chance who really like the prize.  I have a group of friends and family that I tag in most comps.  I never tag people that I don't follow.  Try to be imaginative with your entries.  Don't give up if you don't win you will one day if you keep trying.  I have noticed that the number of people entering comps has increased enormously since I first started entering comps from 100s now to many 1000s.  Also don't complain when you don't agree with the choice of the person who wins the competition rather congratulate them.  Be positive with everything you enter.  If you are negative you won't have a chance.  

 Jess says:

  1. I think I came across your giveawayfrom being tagged by another friend that loves entering competitions, I think I became a new follower with this last competition along with the account you were collaborating with.
  2. I think this was the first competition from your account that I have taken part in if I had of found your page earlier I dare say I would have enter the others also.
  3. I love entering a competition where I know I can share the page with other friends and get them to notice another great business, plus everyone loves a chance at a great and beautiful prize.
  4. I think these items in the giveawaywere fantastic beautiful pieces showcasing your talent they were great items listed on your website too and were of same value and the pieces on your website 
  5. I must admit I take part in competitions regularly wining is a great way to try products and brands your not usually familiar with. 
  6. Yes I have purchased from entering  giveaways if the product is the right price for my budget it’s a great way to get unique gifts for friends and family  for Christmas and birthdays. 
  7. I will not unfollow a page after a giveawaythe only time I unfollow a page is if I know for sure it’s a scam and no Actual prize is given away or I unfollow pages if they are inactive for over a year. For example I’ve followed pages and they haven’t posted since 2014  2015 so I know it’s really unlikely they are coming back so I unfollow, Instagram only allows us to follow 7500 pages and it fills up pretty quickly when you’ve had an Instagram account for a long time. 
  8. My advice is you’ve got to be in it to win it you see people saying oh but this person always wins competitions, well it’s the fact that they probably enter hundreds of comps not just one or two, you have more luck when you enter more. It’s always worth putting your name in for a chance cause you just never know when your gonna win.


Deanne says:

  1. I was tagged to your comp and that’s how I was alerted. I wasn’t already following. 
  2. Your latest giveaway is the only one I’ve taken part in
  3. I thought your creations are gorgeous and I also loved who you had teamed up with. 
  4. No, unless given samples in giveaways which I have been delivered in the past. 
  5. Daily I love looking at new I interesting things and love to share with my friends. 
  6. Absolutely usually once I’ve tried something if I like it I’ll buy it and keep using it. 
  7. Generally no I don’t unfollow anyone unless they annoy or spam me 
  8. Join in, its fun, exciting and trying new products is always awesome. 

 All the above ladies have never heard of me or my brand prior to the giveaways and one of their answers have been edited. 

So ,if you are looking to be generous and get the word out about your brand , giveaways are a great way and I encourage you. But do not equate your number of followers to number of sales . Just because you have gained followers , there is no guarantee of an increase in sales, and keeping your followers after the end of a giveaway is something to look into. If they are happy with your products , they will stay . If not , that's fine too. You just keep doing YOU.

Happy Giving away , and happy participating !





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